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Nicholas Wajda

Recovery Law Group


Michael Reid

Recovery Law Group


Ahmad Sulaiman

Atlas Consumer Law


Mohammed Badwan

Atlas Consumer Law


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Our firms handle and practice general civil law for businesses, individuals, and local governments and all categories through out the US.

Consumer Rights is the main focus: Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement and Validation,Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Class Action Lawsuits against Big Pharma, Workman’s Comp and many more.

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Family Law

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family matters & domestic relations, including divorce, child custody and mediation.

Personal Injury

For millions of Americans, Personal Injury Attorneys are literally lifesavers. They give individuals who have suffered loss, accidents, or injuries the chance to rebuild their lives after suffering misfortune.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a complex procedure that requires you to make a host of critical decisions. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the dizzying maze of decisions, paperwork and procedure that marks a bankruptcy filing,whether it is a chapter 7 or chapter 13.

Criminal Law

Criminal law pertains to an array of activities including theft, DUI / DWI, fraud, murder, assault and any act or violation of a law such as traffic tickets, etc.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense is a strategy employed by homeowners in order to avoid foreclosure whether through loan modification, lender renegotiation or bankruptcy.

Disability (SSDI) Benefits

Get Assistance For Social Security Disability Application & Appeals. Social security benefits are the rights of every individual in the U.S. who have worked for at least 5 out of the last 10 years.

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Law is associated with US Federal rights that consumers have such as the FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA, in order to stop creditors from consumer harassment.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate law is that area of law that governs buying, using and selling land whether it has to do with residential, commercial, inheritance or estate planning.

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